Tourist guide is representative/ambassador of the region/city/region. Visitors spend most of the time just with a tourist guide, who is one of the pillars of sustainable development of the certain destination!

Association of regional tourist guides of Slovenia was founded with the aim of promoting the work of tourist guidesin accordance with the standards and under the expert guidance of the European Federation of Tourist Guides FEG and global professional WFTGA umbrella organizations – the World Federation of Tourist Guides. WFTGA is associate member of UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) and participates in the policy of world organization UNESCO, and consequently the regional Association of Tourist Guides of Slovenia as their member.

The European standard EN 13809/2003 is a standard, which deals about the terminology in tourism: “Tourist Guide is a person, who guides visitors in their preferred language, interprets the cultural and natural heritage, which is specific to a certain area / city / archaeological site / museum, and descriptions are interpreted in a meaningful way. Tourist guide has usually a license, which ensures, that it has specific knowledge in a particular area, which is issued by the authority designated by the local authorities.


  • Taking care about the quality of the work of tourist guides and join with the demands of the modern market;
  • Promote the role of tourist guide in each community;
  • Liaising with stakeholders in local communities in order to promote the work and the role of tourist guide.

In our society are invited tourIST guides who demonstrate their expertise with the licese: national, regional, local or license to run the museum and gallery. They should carefully read the statutes of the Association and the Code of Conduct of tourist guide. Upon check-in candidates complete an application form and within 10 days after the application was submitted following the payment of the registration fee (one time payment) and fees (annual investments).
Any additional information can be obtained at Headquarters of Association or by calling 031/331 491, contact person: Mateja Kregar Gliha.