International Tourist Guide Day

World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations was established on February 21, 1985. In 1989, the federation suggested to declare February 21-th as International Tourist Guide Day.

The objectives of the day are several:

  • Enhance the image of the Guides;
  • Make Tourist Guides themselves aware of their role;
  • Inform the public of what Guiding is all about;
  • Make people aware of their cultural and environmental heritage;
  • Make people aware of the problems Tourist guides face (traffic, security etc.);
  • Bring people closer to our profession through professionalism;
  • Give direct messages to the public on issues concerning the Tourist Industry;
  • Protect the environment and cultural heritage through professional management of groups.

The tours that guides organize are all free of charge.

Please do follow different Tourist Guide FB pages

and web pages, like
FEG where you can find activities around your home.

Just in case you are on tour, make sure, to contact local tourist guide association like ARGOS – Association of tourist guides of Slovenia
or web page and join them with their celebration!

Let us be proud of our peace ambassadorial role!