The upper Soča Valley, in WNW Slovenia with Italy as neighbour, is famous for her outdoor challenges and her emerald river, the Soča. Less known for her long history and culinary side! During lesser sunny days or a sports break, visit one of our musea or take a bite and a sip of one of the culinary offers.


Dom Trenta Info center, Etnological and nature museum; Gostilna Metoja, culinary suprise in the valley.


Fortress Kluze be a part of the performance.

Stergulčeva Hiša go back in time through Bovec family stories.

Gostilna Pizzerija Letni Vrt for a nice pizza or a traditional dish.


Kobariski Muzej museum of W.W. I

Restavrant Kotlar a mediterranean breeze in the valley.


Tolminski Muzej, from the bronze age until today.

Hotel/ Restaurant Dvorac, taste some culinary specialties from Tolmin

Tasty Cheese Tour

A special way to taste and feel the valley!

The offer is amazing, you are welcome to discover it your selve!

Author: Emma Faber