1) Famous and protected marsh tulips will flourish in a week.

2) Water wheel of the veneer factory at the Technical Museum in Bistra.

3) The third spring of the Ljubljanica River in Bistra is used to power the saw blades for cutting logs and manufacturing boards.

4) The motif from the “Ljubljanica Exhibition Center”: in the foreground there is a stone portal of one of the buildings in today´s Vrhnika, which was named Nauportus 2,000 years ago. The objects exhibited in the background were found in Ljubljanica river – from the oldest objects dated in the copper age, to objects from the last century.

5) The motif from Cankar’s birth house: Cankar’s father was a tailor. On the photo are tailor’s table with iron on charcoal, scissors, a wooden tailor’s meter, a classic tailor’s meter, some templates for making jackets and a pad for needles and pins.