In the last year many activities have changed, among them also tour guiding. The main role of us tourist guides is to present the local heritage, local knowledge and the local way of living to everyone who is visiting our hometowns. Well, since the travelling is limited, we have shifted the activities online. Today’s technology is allowing us to do live streaming from almost every corner of the World. We are embracing this opportunity. »To taste« how these virtual, online live streaming tours work we are streaming three times a week. On our ARGOS FB page as well as on the ARGOS YouTube channel you can follow us Mondays in English,  Wednesdays in Slovenian and  Saturdays in other languages. Later on you can decide, which tour is the best for you: you can set your private time as well as private topic: for online guided tour or in person tour – if the situation allow us so.

Welcome, dobrodošli!

Text: Mateja Kregar Gliha

Photo: Dunja Wedam: Guide Dragan live streaming