This time, we met in Slovenske Konjice, a small town in the Dravinja Valley in Styria, Slovenia. After warming up with a cup of tea and breakfast in a pub called Beli konj (The White Horse), we visited a mansion Dvorec Trebnik in the middle of the town park, where we met with Julija Sojč, the fresh new owner of the product brand Dvorec Trebnik. The philosophy of the company is to get the best out of the herbs and put it into cosmetics, thus creating a line of all-natural cosmetic products. After a walk along a small brook of many names and legends, we passed a parson’s house and visited the town church of St. George. While admiring the church, which stands out for its size, in particular in such a small town, we listened to the legend about the mighty mountain Konjiška gora which speaks of a terrifying dragon that lived inside the mountain and the brave knight George who saved the people of Konjice. Afterwards, we walked to the Old Town Square where we admired the typical buildings of the past decades, the Plague Column and other historical highlights. The old part of the town is today separated from the new one (which dates back to the 20th century) by the Dravinja River. The town is also well known as one of the most orderly towns in Slovenia, for which we received the Gold Entente Florale Europe Award. Slovenske Konjice is often named also “A Town of Wine”, and therefore we, naturally, had to try some wine as well. Our wine tasting experience took place in one of the most modern and biggest wine cellars in Slovenia, the Zlati Grič Wine Cellar. There, we took a quick tour of the wine cellar with Katarina Furman, and we also got to taste some of their wine. Our day trip ended in a restaurant called Grič which is situated in the middle of vineyards, offering a spectacular view of Slovenske Konjice and its signature sights. The dining experience was filled with pleasant conversations, ending our time together on a wonderful and cheerful note.