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Local Tourist Guide For The Julian Alps Region

The whole of my life I live in Bohinj, one of many beautiful places of Slovenia. Moreover, since childhood, I have been connected with tourism, since my parents lived with this activity and I also earn the bread with it myself.

I am in love with my place, Bohinj and the whole of Slovenia. I want to represent our beauties and show them to all of you, who can appreciate.

I am aware that the desire itself is not enough. So I obtained a license for a local tourist guide in the Julian Alps region. Since Slovenia is enormous and rich in its small size, I do not lack the challenges. I continue to upgrade my knowledge all the time.

Tell me what kind of experiences you want, and I’ll do my best to give it to you…

Is this the admiration of natural beauties? Maybe escaping to the past and discovering how our ancestors lived? Hm, what if you would taste our local food and play with flavors and your taste buds?

The options are endless, contact me, and we will discover them together …

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Taste Bohinj! – Walking & Driving – Food tour

Private tour for up to 6 people. Ideal at the first visit to Bohinj and also later.

We will get to know almost the entire Bohinj. You know that Bohinj is a valley and not a settlement, right?

Since we will undertake a significant area, we will use different “transports” for the journey; from our feet, horse, to a car.

On the way, we will discover Bohinj as such, and briefly its history with an emphasis on the life of the locals. You won’t be able to escape without hearing of some stories and legends.

Of course, we will visit some of the best inns and restaurants and pamper our taste buds with local cuisine.

The entire tour will last about six hours. So take your time and go with the flow …




Following the traces of Žiga Zois in Bohinj

Žiga Zois was undoubtedly one of the most important men in the history of Bohinj.

We’ll gonna drive around Bohinj and see his legacy, and find out a lot of interesting things from his life. Especially from the period, he spent as the owner of Bohinj iron works.




Clasic Bohinj Tour

Clasik Bled Tour

Individually Tour on your desires



Church of St. John the Baptist at Bohinj Lake

Alpine Dairy Farming Museum in Bohinj

Oplen House – the museum of living culture in Bohinj

Bled Castle

Bled Island