Slovenian, English, Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian

Central Slovenia, Upper Carniola

Tourist Technician

Turist guide with state license, knowledge of Balkan cuisine

I was born in Olympic city of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), but my life path has brought me to Slovenia, a country in which I live since the year 2011. Between 2004 and 2008 I also lived in Malaysia, where I have got familiar with the customs and lifestyle of people from South-East Asia. As I live in Ljubljana, I work the most in that city, but I also know well the Upper Carniola Region (Bled, Bohinj …).

Since I was a teenager, I wanted to work in tourism, but because of war in Bosnia and a subsequent move to Malaysia I only achieved State license for the tourist guide in 2014, when I was involved in the project “City of Cultures”. At that time it felt like my childhood dream has come true.

At the time when I was involved in the project “City of Cultures” I developed my own tour “A taste of the Balkans in Ljubljana”, where you will not only sample the food, you will also be preparing an original Bosnian pie (pita).

As a very passionate and committed tourist guide I will be glad to share with You all the secrets and interesting attractions of Slovenian Capital and other beautiful places in Slovenia.

Walking tours around Ljubljana, Culinary tours around the Slovenian capital (A taste of the Balkans in Ljubljana)

Ljubljana at a Glance

Join me on walking guided tour in capital city of Slovenia – Ljubljana. I invite you to feel playful beat of this lovely city packed with baroque and also art nouvea charm.

Balkan flavors of Ljubljana

I invite you to experience the “Balkan flavors of Ljubljana”. In a three-hour stroll around Ljubljana we will not only taste some high-lights from Balkan cousine, but we will also prepare some original Bosnian dishes.

In Malaysia we probably will not go …

Or we will :)

Bled Castle

As the very heatret and committed guide, I’ll be happy to share with you all the secrets and wonderful attractions of the Slovenian capital and other beautiful places in Slovenia. One of the main attractions, of course, is the Bled castle, which proudly stands on a steep cliff above the lake with breathtaking Alpine scenery.