When have you been for the last time in Ljubljana? Many return visitors notice, Ljubljana has changed enormously in the last 10 years. Great part of the city is closed for traffic. Notable architect Jože Plečnik insisted to walk. While walking we have more time to absorb the beauties around us. We have a chance to smile or even to great the bystanders. Ljubljana follows many Plečnik’s suggestions. It is becoming a friendly capital. Even more: In the year, 2016 gained the title Green Capital of Europe 2016. Pedestrians we are the main actors, we are always welcome here. However, while walking most probably you have (or you will) notice little electric cars which are silently and elegantly moving around. If you look closer, you will notice, they are called KAVALIR– what would be a gentleman. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly gentlemen on four wheels, driven by our charming bus drivers from local bus company. They are here to help us: while discovering the city, shopping or having lunch/dinner in one of our local restaurants we get tired. However, do not worry; there is always a Kavalir somewhere close. Ask your local guide – they will arrange a transfer for you. If you are alone and Kavalir is passing by, just wave with your hand. They will take you free of charge to your destination in the city centre. If you were going to reward them with some TIP for a coffee, they would be happy. So, just go and ask for help, your feet will be very thankful to you!

Author: Mateja Kregar Gliha