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Upper Carniola

Tel: +386 40 237 812

Marija Žvan loves creating different products with sheep wool. She is quite skilful with her knitting needles. She also makes and offers home made bread, dried fruits, corn flour and chicken eggs on the Pr’ Vandrovc farm. And if you have some extra time, she will tell you stories and small secrets about making traditional Bohinj dishes.

Marija Žvan is also a certified local and regional guide for the Julian Alps region. On tours that she guides, she will tell you many stories about Bohinj and life here. She loves passing on the knowledge and stories about the local people and shares them with you. A creative, curious and talkative lady that will keep you intrigued.


Guided experiences:

  • From hayracks to Oplen house
  • Sock knitting workshop
  • Traditional bread baking in ceramic stove
  • Bohinj corn (turšca) – from grain to žganci

Craft products:

  • Hand woven wool leggings
  • Hand woven wool socks
  • Hand woven wool headband
  • Hand woven wool caps
  • Hand woven wool gloves
  • Hand woven wool scarfs

Culinary products:

  • Corn, rye and buckwheat bread
  • Hen eggs
  • Vandrovc dry fruits: dry apple and pear slices, dry apple chips
  • Bohinj corn flour – trdinka