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Savinja and Drava river valleys, the cities of Celje, Maribor and Ptuj, Slovenia.

• National tourist guide licence (TV1195), valid throughout Slovenia.
• Official guide of the National Museum of Slovenia in Ljubljana (Building in Muzejska street).
• Local tourist guide of the Community of the city of Celje.

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My name is Lovro, I have a degree in Spanish and Russian language and literature and I am a tourist
guide. I like my job because I can present our history, geography, customs, cuisine and contemporary
daily life to visitors from various countries. A very important reason for me is the perhaps too little
known heritage of our cities in the eastern part of Slovenia. The city of Ptuj has roots from Celtic
times and has also preserved the very important legacy of Roman and Medieval times. In the city of
Maribor, the second most populous in Slovenia, one can observe the medieval old town, where there
grows the oldest vine in the world, but also the typical historicist architecture of the 19th century
and the socialist one of the 20th. The city of Celje and its surroundings are the scenery from which
the Counts and Dukes of Celje, a medieval dynasty of great importance in the history of Central
Europe and Slovenia, had emerged and in which they had their center. The cultural, economic and
political life of the Slovenes in this historical region, called Styria, is linked to all three of them.