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As a licensed guide, I work for the region of : Upper Carniola, The Goriška Region. (Northe West Slovenia, Alpine region.)

As a tour leader, I work for the region of : Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Northeast Italy.

Born and educated in Asia, I have spent more than half of my life in different continents.  I am intrested in understanding different cultures, and I spend a lot of time trying to find the historical reasons behind the behavors. This makes it easier for me to communicate with people from different countries, different reglions.
I love sport and nature, hiking or biking are the best tools that I use to enjoy nature. As Slovenia is such a unique coutry with many hidden pearls in the nature, green transportation is the best choice to find them out.
I am located right now in the borders between Slovenia, Austria and Italy, where the frontline of WWI was. If you are also interested in the war history, then we will definitly have a lot to talk about.

For potential client:
I would like to offer my best to each client, no matter what size the group is. Either as a tour guide or tour leader, I need to know about the guests, their age, their interest, their origin and profession, etc. In some cases, I will make a pre-tour myself so I am sure there will be no surprises for my guest. With this said, please contact me well ahead of planned visiting date.

Tel: 00386 31 774641
Wechat/WhatsApp/Viber: 00386 31 774641

Experience 1-water:

From Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj, to river Sava, Soča, Nadiža, till Adriatic Sea, our trip goes through the most beautiful part of Julian Alpes. Either by train, by bike, or on foot, choice is yours. Hidden waterfall, charming gorges, swinging wooden bridges, all will keep you away from the noise of daily routine so you can relax in the nature.

Experience 2- WWI


Visiting the outdoor museum in Kolovrat or WWI museum in Kobarid, passing by the highest mountain pass built by the Russian prisoners during the war. Sitting in front of the Holy Spirit Church and listen to the surrounding mountains telling you the stories about the past.

Experience 3- Taste of local

Wine tasting, cheese tasting, chestnut festival, cherry festivals,etc. Depends on which season that you are visiting Slovenia, we will invite you to local fairs and celebrations, so we can celebrate the harvest with locals. Cheers !

Experience 4 –Walk of Peace


Also as part of Alpe-Adriatic-Trail (which connects the three regions of Carinthia, Slovenia and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in a total of 43 stages and circa 750 km) in the Slovenia territory. The walk is designed for pleasure hikers, interconnects the areas and people and rich cultural and natural heritage along the onetime Isonzo Front.