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Born and raised in Ljubljana, a true local who loves and adores her city!

Ljubljana might be a small capital but it is a great city! I will be happy to take you around its charming Old Town, show you its best known attractions as well as tucked -away places and narrow alleys. With its long history, Ljubljana has lots of fascinating stories and legends and I will be more than happy to share them with you. Travellers love to learn how locals live so I will make sure you get an insight into our way of life.
It is my greatest wish that everyone has a great experience and a memorable visit.
So let me show you why I think Ljubjana is the greatest city, let me help you fall in love with my hometown!


Theresa abd Peter, Australia

»We had the most wonderful time! Thank you for your personal insights and stories«

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Explore the sights and hidden corners and enjoy many interesting and fun stories along the way

Ljubljana is a charming capital of Slovenia and one of the most seductive European cities. It has a perfect size and can be easily explored on foot. To experience any city, you need to move through it like a local. So let`s wander around Ljubljana together! We will walk the cobblestone streets of the Old Town and see its most famous attractions: bridges over Ljubljanica river, colourful and vibrant farmers` market, St Nicholas Cathedral, Town Hall and Prešeren Square just to name a few.

Our adventure includes not only must-see sights, I will also show you tucked-away places and narrow alleys, share personal stories and city`s legends. Have you ever wondered what happened to the cheating bakers? Why do we have three bridges in one? We will find out how lively the Town Hall Square used to be and the story behind “ventilation corridors”. Dragons, trees with very long thorns and much more!

Let me show you my beloved Ljubljana!



Discover some of the city`s milestones and the stir they caused when they appeared in Ljubljana for the very first time.

Learn about the oldest still standing bridge and the first department store. Where were the very first maternity hospital and hotel in town? How did locals react to the very first bicycle? Have you heard about the Devil`s Carriage and the stir it caused? Where did the first urban beekeeper keep his bees and how old is the oldest house in town? Did you know there is a connection between Pocahontas and Ljubljana? Come and join me to find out!


The promenade was once a popular habit and an important social event for the locals. It was the place to see and to be seen, an opportunity to show off your wardrobe and meet your friends. Many fell in love and met their future spouses.

What was the etiquette while promenading? Who were “the promenade lions”? Did you hear the story about the elephant? Where did the locals see “moving pictures” for the very first time?

Yes, Ljubljana Promenade is full of interesting and fun stories!

And while promenading we will also learn about buildings along the way; the Opera House, National Gallery, Modern Gallery and Tivoli Castle just to name a few.

See you on the promenade (as they used to say)!