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I moved to Slovenia in 2009. The city of Ljubljana seduced me immediately and I decided to become a local guide. Interesting history, beautiful architecture, delicious and varied food and wine make my job very interesting and enjoyable. Ljubljana, in one day, can offer a pleasant urban pleasure and within an hour’s drive or even less almost the untouched nature is at your disposal, because Slovenians are proud of their nature and protect it very carefully.

I’m happy here and I would like to share my happiness with my guests. I’m flexible and I will be happy to consider the wishes of my guests, which is my priority, because each tour must be a pleasure. That’s why I am here.

Besides my job I like cooking, making pics and videos, gardening, reading, listen to the nature sounds, I love to see and to make people smiling and …. I simply love the life!

Welcome to Slovenia with me!

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City tour

During this tour we will discover the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana’s Old Town, multiple well-known squares and multiple bridges, such as Triple Bridge, the creation of talented Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik  and, of course, famous Dragon Bridge, the Cathedral of Saint Nicolas and its remarkable doors, crossing the river we will discover Križanke Summer Theatre and surprising  Napoleon  monument and many other interesting things and buildings.

Duration: 2  h

City tour + Ljubljana castle

Our Regular City Tour will also  include the Ljubljana Castle, its two museums, Historical and Puppet  museums, the Outlook tower, from which, if you are lucky and the weather is good, you can see the highest Slovenian mountain Triglav and many other nice surprises and discoveries.

Duration: 3  h

Archeological tour

This tour begins at the National Museum of Slovenia with a tour of the archaeological collections, including the oldest musical instrument in the world, the  “Neanderthal flute” and other Slovenian famous archaeological discoveries. Then we continue in the Old Town and we will discover all city highlights.

Duration: 3 h


Tailor-made tour 

Contact me and I’ll arrange a tailor-made tour just for you.