Mainly in Dutch, also English and German

The Goriška region
Slovenian coast, the Soča Valley, the Julian Alps
As a tour manager: Slovenia and Istria, part of Croatia
As a local guide: my focus is the Soča Valley and the Julian Alps

HBO management and an international tour manager
Followed the International Tour Guide course in Slovenian language

Incentive groups, elderly people and people with special requirements (travelling with their own special – nursing company / tourmanager)
Explaining the history, ethnology etc. of places and regions in a lively way.
Undemanding hikes trough the villages and countryside of the Soca Valley and the Julian Alps.
The Julian Alps and Soca Valley bus-tour with chauffeur.
The perfect Dutch speaking ambassador of Ljubljana on a walking tour.

As a daughter of a farmer, I would like to share my love for the countryside with native farmers and villagers, I love nature and a special taste of the Soca Valley.
This is all mixed with my interest in ethnology, history and your special interest.

I would like to know well in advance what kind of group I will guide, e.g. their special interests and needs, what kind of company, etc.

I can come over to visit you in the Netherlands or Belgium to discus some details or we can talk via Skype to make an unforgetable and tailor-made tour especially for your group.


Mobile: 00386 51 709 573



Beautiful Soča valley and breathtaking subalpine views

Light hikes through the countryside of the Soca valley and the foothills of the Julian Alps.
Lively and interesting explanation of the history, ethnology, art of the towns and regions.
Bus tours to the Julian Alps and the Soca valley.

For the Dutch or Belgian guests

Preliminary information about a group of guests (group type, interest, desire …) are desirable.
We can pre-meet in the Netherlands or Belgium or earlier talk by Skype and we can together compose a memorable trip, tailored to your group.

In Love with Trenta valley

Kot hči kmeta, želim deliti svojo ljubezen do podeželja z domačimi kmeti, vaščani, naravo in enkratno atmosfero Posočja.
Vse to začinim s svojo ljubeznijo do etnologije in zgodovine ter se prilagodim željam gostov.

Towards the spring of Soča river


How beautiful you are, lucid daughter of the mountains,
so graceful in your natural beauty,
your diaphanous depths are not troubled by the tempests rage!
Yet, alas, you poor one,
Fearful tempests, terrible storms are threatening you.
From the warm south they will come
raging across your fertile plains.
Alas, not long away is that day.
Clear sky above you,
hail of bullets around you,
and rain of blood and stream of tears,
thunder and lightning.
Swords will cut here,
blood will run knee deep,
our blood will feed you,
enemy blood will spoil you!

Simon Gregorčič, Soči