Slovenian, English, Spanish

Upper Carniola, Central Slovenia

I was born in Ljubljana on April 3, 1980 and made my first steps in this world somewhere in Šiška. I spoke my first words in Slovene, but I wrote and read them in Spanish, because the professional and academic paths of my parents led me across the ocean to Colombia. With my mother and father, we traveled all over this beautiful country, and deep in me, there was a desire to know new places, people, cultures.
Despite the fact that I stayed on the old continent, I was always drawn to getting to know people from all the winds. So through my study of ethnology and cultural anthropology, through work on various projects within NGOs, I personally made connections with people from all over the world, from Senegal, Ecuador, Cuba and Poland to Norway.
Today, with a great spark of curiosity, I discover the meaning of everything surrounding me, near or far away. I share with enthusiasm all my knowledge with the guests who come to see this wonderful part of the world.
My interests are primarily ethnology, etymology, mythology and anthropology, and my new love – the architecture of the master Jože Plečnik … but also the jewel among the towns near Ljubljana – Škofja Loka.

Licenses: license to guide to the Loško Museum and
the license of the Tourist Chamber of Slovenia